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General Project Description

To convert Roberts Block, Old Victoria Barracks, into a creative arts and play therapy centre.  We aim to promote psychological and emotional wellness, and skills for stress management through music, drama, arts and play therapies.

Historical Significance

The historical significance of the building will be demonstrated and maintained by:

  • Retaining its architectural features as an Edwardian classical style building by preserving the existing central core room layout on the ground floor.  An exhibition hall will be provided to display the authentic Edwardian classical style interior;

  • Displaying the history of Roberts Block and its surrounding historical buildings of the Victorian Barracks in the early 1900s as a whole.  A display room will be set up to emphasize the historic value of the Roberts Block as married quarters for the military; and

  • Documenting the whole revitalisation process and displaying the result along the verandah.

​Technical Aspects

Roberts Block Creative Arts Centre complies with conservation guidelines by:

  • Complying with modern day requirements;

  • Preserving the existing architectural features and external facades;

  • Replacing the external staircase of the building by a new staircase, additional accessible lift and link bridges to be connected to the ground floor, first floor and second floor of the building;

  • Providing fire service water tanks at the open space next to the building;

  • Removing metal frame with wire mesh fixing at verandah openings.  New glass balustrade would be constructed as a protective barrier; and

  • Constructing a lift tower with a staircase connecting from Kennedy Road to the Roberts Block site.

RB overview w road.jpg
RB new look.png

Social Benefits

The project will bring benefits to society by:

  • Raising the awareness of psychological well-being, reducing stress and depression of Hong Kong people and promoting mental health;

  • Providing free initial professional assessment and treatment recommendations for the underprivileged groups;

  • Conducting therapy programmes and activities to different target groups, including workshops for general public; programmes for students to manage emotion; parent-child relations workshops; retreat and training programmes on tension relief for organisations, etc.; and

  • arranging public guided tours introducing the historic value and revitalisation process of the building.

Development Milestones


- complete the detailed project design

- funding was approved by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council



- Start the renovation work (anticipated renovation period: phase 1 - around 18 months; phase 2 – around 30 months)



- Completion of phase one’s renovation.  It is expected that the Centre will be opened by early 2025.



- Completion of phase two’s renovation. All barrier free facilities will be completed.

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