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Upon completion of Roberts Block’s renovation work, we will offer the following services:

I.  Heritage Conservation

​​Let the public know more about this Grade 1 Historic Building.

  1. Provide free on-site tour introduction on the historic and architectural significance of the Roberts Block building.

  2. Provide a peaceful and healing environment for people to relax and stress relief. 


II. Public Education

To increase awareness of psychological well-being of people in Hong Kong

  1. Conduct creative art workshops, stress reduction classes, child-parent workshops, retreat day camp for any individual, groups, or, staff of organizations and corporations. 

  2. Reaching out creative arts programmes to universities, secondary and primary schools. 

  3. Continuous development courses for professional therapists.

parent child activities.jpg


III. Therapeutic Interventions

For people with mild emotional distress.

  1. Provide tailor made individual and group therapy, including art, dance and movement, drama, expressive arts, music and play therapy, for people in needs. 

  2. Provide a free initial assessment for people who require to be followed up by other appropriate therapy/counselling services for long term treatment.

Art therapy room 7.jpg
Music 2.jpg
Therapy room 6.jpg


IV. Refreshment Service

​​Light drinks and food will be provided at the snack bar to visitors.

cafe 5.jpg


Current Service

During Roberts Block’s renovation period, we will conduct creative arts therapy activities at the venue of our supporting parties. Interested parties can try the healing experience through our creative arts therapies at a pilot price. For details.

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