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Hong Kong Roberts Block Centre Limited is a non-profit making charitable organization established in 2019 for the mission of revitalizing the historic building - Roberts Block, Old Victoria Barracks – to a creative arts and play therapy centre for providing professional therapeutic services to the public.  We aim to promote psychological and emotional wellness, and skills for stress management through music, drama, arts and play therapies.

Roberts Block, a three-storey Edwardian style building, is a Grade 1 Historic Building.  Besides revitalizing the building we have proposed to build a lift tower at Kennedy Road and a bridge connecting to the site to facilitate no barrier access.


Mission and Vision

While offering a peaceful and healing environment for stress relief, we provide professional arts therapy services through the six elements including arts dance and movement, drama, expressive arts, music, and play activities to promote HK people's psychological wellness.


Sharing the same vision and mission, our team members include creative arts therapists, artists, architects, surveyors, engineers, nurse and social workers, and etc. We are responsible for the planning and execution of the project.


Hong Kong Roberts Block Centre Limited is founded by Christian Oi Hip Fellowship Limited (Oi Hip) and Art Hub Asia Company Limited (AHA). Oi Hip, established in 1990, is a non-profit making charitable organization that runs mutual support groups for the enhancement of psychiatric rehabilitation.  The AHA, established in 2014 is a non-profit making organization that strives to promote art culture and education through organizing exhibitions, art classes and workshops.

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